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Student Home PageWhen students login to CareerLocker, they see the Student Home Page.  Clicking on Assessments takes students to the Assessments Menu where they can complete one of the built-in assessments of which two, The Career Interest Snapshot and the Interest Profiler, are in both English and Spanish.  Results of the assessments are linked to occupations for exploration.  An Education Path is identified for each of the occupations which identifies what students need to do to prepare.  And, job prep activities including a Resume Writer, Cover Letter, and Interview Prep are provided to assist students with their job search.  Activity results are saved in the student's ePortfolio.

Staff Home PageWhen staff login to CareerLocker, they see the Staff Home Page.  Staff can monitor student progress and access a student's ePortfolio for counseling/advising purposes.  They can post announcements and assignments for students and print a variety of reports for administrative purposes.


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