Chapter content includes: Science and Planet Earth; Earth's Dimensions and Navigation; Models and Maps; Investigating Minerals; The Formation of Rocks; Managing Natural Resources; Weathering and Soils; Erosion sand Deposition; Stream Dynamics; Groundwater; Oceans and Coastal Processes; Glaciers; Landscapes; Earthquakes and Earth's Interior; Plate Tectonics; Geologic Hazards; Sequencing Geologic Events; Fossils and Geologic Time; Weather Variables and Heating of the Atmosphere; Humidity, Clouds, and Atmospheric Energy; Air Pressure and Winds; Weather Maps; Weather Hazards and teh Changing Atmosphere; Patterns of Climate; Earth, Sun and Seasons; Earth, Its Moon, and Orbits; The Solar System; and, Stars and the Universe.

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Earth Science is an introductory one-year course in earth science written for today's high school curriculum. Earth Science covers earth measures and models, minerals, rocks and resources, weathering and erosion, how water shapes the earth's surface, earth's internal heat engine, revealing earth's history, the dynamic atmosphere, and earth & beyond.
Earth Science
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