Common core math online editions include Kinetic Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II interactive texts for the digital classroom. Videos take students step-by-step through each concept with Quickchecks providing immediate feedback for students. The online management system allows teachers to develop assignments which are scored by the system as assignments are completed by students making it possible for teachers to monitor student progress in real-time. Pre-Algebra and Algebra I were adopted by the CA State Board of Education for implementation at the middle school level.

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Geometry content includes Geometry Essentials; Reasoning and Proof; Parallel and Perpendicular Lines; Congruent Triangles; Relationships Within Triangles; Similar Figures; Transformations; Right Triangles and Trigonometry; Polygon and Quadrilaterals; Circles; Length and Area; Surface Area and Volume; Conics; and, Probability and Counting.
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Math - Online: Secondary