The geographic organization of the Middle School texts (1A/1B) allows students to explore countries and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world as they begin their Spanish Language studies.

The geographic organization of High School levels (1&2) allows students to gain cultural understanding about the Spanish-speaking regions being studied as they continue learning the Spanish Language. High School levels (3&4) follow a thematic organization of units allowing students to make cross-cultural and cross-curricular comparisons. Thus, as students learn the Spanish language, they also learn the cultures behind the language.

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World Language
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Common Core Espanol Santillana approaches Spanish as a Word Language beginning in Middle School (1A/1B) and continuing through High School (1&2, and 3&4). The systematic progression helps students create solid linguistic and cultural foundation, preparing students for college and career-level Spanish.

Espanol Santillana is available in both print and online formats.
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